June 16th

The following is a weekly e-newsletter containing announcements, events and opportunities happening at school and in our community for IHS students and families.  This weekly communication is a partnership between the IHS PTA and IHS itself to reach out to all families as it is our joint vision to support full engagement for ALL students at IHS.  This e-newsletter is informational only and is neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Board of Education of the Ithaca City School District, the Superintendent of the ICSD or this school. If you have E-News to share, please send to enews.ihspta@gmail.com.

Ithaca High School PTA E-News 6/16/2021

  1. IHS Athletics Updates
  2. IHS Key Dates (6/11-25)
  3. IHS 2021 Awards (6/16 & 6/19)
  4. June 2021 Regents (6/17-24)
  5. IHS Yearbook Pick-up – starting today
  6. SAT and ACT (2021-22 dates posted)
  7. YES 2021 Summer Jobs Program
  8. 2021-22 Excelsior Scholarship is Open (deadline 8/31)

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1. IHS Athletics Updates

The ICSD Athletics staff would like to thank you for your ongoing support during this unprecedented year. We look forward to the Fall 2021 season, and below are the start dates:

JV and Varsity Sports

  • Jul. 23      FamilyID registration opens
  • Aug. 23    First Day of Tryouts

Have a wonderful and safe summer!

2. IHS Key June Dates (June 11th-25th): Last day for students to receive assigned work (June 11th); accepted through June 18th); Last days of classes (June 14th, 15th, 16th, and 18th); IHS Graduation (June 17th); A-Synch Friday (June 18th); Regents Exam Days (June 17th, June 22-25th); All-Staff Work Day (June 21st); and Staff Last Day (June 25th).

3. IHS 2021 Awards (Wednesday, June 16th and Saturday, June 19th). There are two ceremonies: Underclass Awards (Wednesday, June 16th at 4:00pm, IHS Quad) and Senior Awards (Saturday, June 19th at 11:00am, IHS Quad). The academic awards ceremonies are invitation-only. If you (or your student) are receiving an award, you will get an invitation in the mail at your home address with more details. 

4. June 2021 Regents (June 17-24th). Students should only be on campus if they have a scheduled Regents exam or have an appointment pass from a teacher. Open for quiet study during June 22-24 (8:15am-12:15pm). ELA, Living Environment, Algebra 1, and Physical Setting/Earth Science. Final days of June and IHS Regents schedule is available

5. IHS Yearbook Pick-up. Yearbooks are distributed in the Welcome Center during the lunch period from 11:45-12:45 each day school is in session. Yearbook team will also distribute from 3:30pm-4:30pm, Monday – Thursday. People can reach out to Lyn Reitenbach, mreitenb@icsd.k12.ny.us, 607-882-5498 to arrange for an alternate time. Copies are still available to purchase at yearbookordercenter.com by entering the code 8812. Students and others may also bring a check made out to IHS Annual for $75, or pay cash. Those who pre-ordered their book must sign for their book when they pick it up. 

6. Upcoming SAT and ACT dates: SAT: 2021-22 SAT Dates (Anticipated): August 28, 2021, October 2, 2021, November 6, 2021, December 4, 2021, March 12, 2022, May 7, 2022, June 4, 2022. ACT: 2021-22 ACT Dates (National): September 11, 2021, October 23, 2021, December 11, 2021, February 12, 2022, April 2, 2022, June 11, 2022, July 16, 2022 (no NYS testing centers). 

7. YES 2021 Summer Jobs Program. The Youth Employment Service (YES) is a free program of the Ithaca Youth Bureau. The mission of YES is to empower teens to grow into flourishing adults. YES offers work-readiness training, support in finding employment, employment opportunities paid directly by us, and a leadership and civic engagement program. Some of our programs have eligibility requirements, but all teens in Tompkins County, NY who are 14+ qualify for at least some of our services. To apply and find out more information: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdIoZg-DdD4TBfYoyh3xPZ5Q8D1sLhuG-cW_awEXGbV2PvL8w/viewform 

8. 2021-22 Excelsior Scholarship is Open (deadline August 31st). The Excelsior Scholarship application is now open! The Excelsior Scholarship, in combination with other student financial aid programs, allows students to attend a SUNY or CUNY college tuition-free. The program covers tuition for eligible SUNY and CUNY students. For the 2021-22 academic year, families who earned $125,000 or less in the tax year 2019 are eligible to apply.

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