Website Administrator Responsibilities

The IHS PTA website administrator is responsible for the following:

  • making sure the website host account is paid for
  • keeping the content management software up-to-date and fresh looking
  • Ensuring the timely posting of content (often via training others), including
    • weekly e-News
    • calendar items
    • WORD periodical
    • forms, documents, board meeting minutes
    • front matter
    • menu items

The current website administrator is Oliver Habicht (

Hosting Account

Currently, the website ( is hosted by Tiger Technologies LLC at

I believe this got transferred more formally to the IHS PTA Treasurer position’s account. Old data: “The current account owner is Robbert van Renesse, and he pays for it on his credit card. The account is paid through October 2016.”

Content Management Software

We’re currently using WordPress.  Some basic familiarity with WordPress is necessary to maintain this website.  WordPress has a “Dashboard” where the software can be automatically updated.

Weekly e-News

Except during the summer break, a VP of Communication will email a weekly message to the mailing list.  Currently the webmaster simply copies and pastes this into a new “Post” upon receipt of this email.  The webmaster may also learn of some events that should be posted on the Calendar (see below).


The “Ajax Event Calendar” plug-in is used to maintain a IHS Calendar.  The webmaster populates this calendar with information from the ICSD calendar (predominantly holidays and exam periods), and may also add events posted in the e-News.

WORD Periodical

The IHS has a periodical that comes out every few months or so.  A PDF version of this document is posted on the WORD page (as a new “Media”), and usually also advertised on the front page.

Forms, Documents, Meeting Minutes

Occasionally the WebMaster is requested to post PDF documents.  There are various appropriate pages for these.  Please familiarize yourself with the various pages by browsing through the entire website.  In WordPress, PDF documents are uploaded as “New Media”.

Front Matter

This is the page displayed when you visit  There is a general IHS PTA welcome message there, and also a list of upcoming events that are automatically derived from the Calendar.  Special events may be posted here separately.  The various links at the top and side can be edited from the WordPress dashboard.

Annual Updates

About once a year, you have to update the Contacts (Executive Board and so on), the upcoming academic calendar, and so on.

Preventing Spam

Most spam prevention options in WordPress have been turned on.  As an additional measure, whenever you post information on the website, please obfuscate email addresses.  So instead of, please write “joe -at- somewhere -dot- com” or something along those lines.